Monday, June 15, 2009

Finishing dolls

I have four dolls that I would like to finish by Wednesday. Keep you fingers crossed....hee hee hee. It's been beautiful here the last week. It could stay this way year round as far as I'm concerned. I've been able to get out and dig up some peonies. Not that I don't like peonies, it's the little critters they attract. Spent Saturday night at a party for one niece and Sunday at my in-laws. So I had a busy weekend. Now must really get off the computer and get to work....heigh-ho heigh-ho it's off to work I go. Have a wonderful week.
Prim blessings and hugs


  1. Jessie I love your veggies! And your sweet dollies. I feel your pain about getting caught up! UGH!! hehe! Cya, Mary Jo

  2. Hi Jessie!!!!!! Did you get caught up, I am still behind!!!! Your dolls and veggies are wonderful!!!!! hugs carla