Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Almost done....

It has been a bit since I blogged. Well almost finished with 11 Little Ladies. WooHoo!!! After all that is done then I get to start on veggies, fall and holiday dolls.
The weather has been cool here lately. Cool and rainy. Good for the garden but makes it hard to get the mowing done.
I hope to post a new picture by the end of the week. Everyone have a good week.
Prim blessings and hugs


  1. Hi Jessie :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and being so sweet :) I love your veggies :) Do you have an etsy shop? They are so cute and your dolls are too! I am pulling out my sewing machine soon, it will be a first since high school (a long time ago!)

    Have a blessed evening :)


  2. Hello Sharon,
    No I don't have anything in Etsy. Nice to have you drop by.